Tuesday, November 18, 2014


It's time to change it up.
I got access to some new information.
So, I got to go up another level.
I'm astounded by the results I'm getting.
Word of the wise: it's good to be edgy.

In fact, in this game, I have to be edgy.
I can look back at my past and see a pattern.
Keeping things fresh is a great idea.
And remember if there isn't a visible problem, don't make one.
Mistakes are the best teachers.

I remember something that happened nine years ago.
I went to a doctor's office, but I don't remember what it was for.
When I was in the room with him I sensed danger outside the door.
In my mind I saw a very sick, troubled man lurking around.
He was killing people, I thought.

In the elevator on my way back down I saw something I couldn't make head or tails of.
There were two people who were dressed in street clothes with EMT equipment.
They looked unhappy when I saw them.
To my knowledge there are teams of unknown people responding to certain specific emergencies.
If you're reading this they might be around you too.

It's time to purse my lips and silently sigh.
There must be someone telling me a lie.
If we both know what the lie is, then what?
If we both feel kind of sick of this why are we doing it?
For posterity?

There must be a lot of lies bound up in this case file.
It's more than I can handle.
That's why I'm working solo.
If other people benefit, so be it.
I came here to create it not beseech it.

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