Monday, November 10, 2014


You probably enjoy it when I'm angry.
I am so angry I'm paralyzed.
The inside of me feels uncomfortable.
Maybe that's how you feel and why you take it out on so many people.
You do such a brilliant job of boxing me in, alone.
It would be a blessing to be ignorant.
Maybe I can brainwash myself.
Or if I can recover faster than you and manage to keep my mouth shut...
Um...I might need to have a tantrum.
Ok, get it together.
I know what I was doing before was backfiring on me.
That much is imprinted in stone.
I also know why I was doing it.
I was overwhelmed by anger.
In order for me to get what I want I only need to wait.
Why say it?
Maybe I'm manipulating you.
Or worse, it could be the truth.
You completely messed up.
You're working for me.
And you are the one who is enslaved.
Thanks for walking into my trap on day one.
So predictable.
Actually I should be grateful, not angry.
The part I was angry about was I was starting to have fun...for a minute
Are you seriously jealous?
I must be missing a lot.
I know I am.
It is so weird to feel like you're friendly.
I know, I know.
Do you see what you're doing to me?
To the administration: Do I get brownie points for the face off?
I could just tell you what I know instead of dancing.
But hey this is what I live for now, ow.
Ow ow ow.
At least there's no chance of getting undressed.
I was made to be worthless.

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