Sunday, November 2, 2014

I'll Eat A Lot of Ice Cream: Pt. 3

He busily takes her clothes off, like he's unwrapping a Christmas present.
She's helping him to get her clothes off and both of them are aware this is ridiculous.
Once she's standing chilled in her white panties and bra he realizes this is all wrong.
He's still hoping against hope that maybe she's changed.
So he kind of plucks at her underwear.
At this point the fire is gone from her eyes.
They both look disenchanted.
She gathers her clothes up off the ground and says she's going to take a shower.
"You look thinner," he says.
The reason she knows he's dangerous now is by the absolute calm in his expression.
The fact is that she's about as strong as steel at this point.
So she's also very calm even though she knows she's treading on thin ice.
"You might be right. I heard something online about how sometimes people lose weight before they gain weight."
There isn't a single thing she can say here that will exonerate her.
So, by mentioning the internet there is a broad vagueness combined with something that could easily be proved or refuted.
She's using his own tactics on him, which is quite brilliant.
"Can't you try harder?"
"After my shower I'm picking up some cheesecake."
"What kind of cheesecake?"
"Plus some potato chips for later. Just plain cheesecake."
The irony is that that night he ate most of the cheesecake and potato chips when he was watching the Cowboys play the Broncos.
He got so absorbed in what he was doing that he forgot all about her.
And the next day he avoided thinking about it, because he didn't want to revisit the horrible loss of his team.
It wasn't until three days later when he stepped on the scale that he realized he gained three pounds.
And for the next week he avoided her until he was back to normal.

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