Monday, November 3, 2014

I'll Eat A Lot of Ice Cream: Pt. 4

This time he decides he won't be inattentive.
He comes home from work with a pint of Cherry Garcia, York peppermints patties, and KFC.
He's acting jolly in the kitchen, opening the freezer, putting things away.
He calls out to her to come downstairs because he has a treat for her.
She's upstairs working on her thesis, but she calls out to him.
"I'll be right down. I have a movie I want you to see."
When she comes downstairs she looks slightly flushed and happy.
He's actually happy too.
They're both slightly confused about why they're happy.
But they don't think about it much at all...because when either of them thinks a lot it means worry.
She sticks her hands into his warm jacket he still has on and gives him a big hug.
Wow, it feels good.
And for a moment they both think it could last forever.
But then he remembers that he has a plan.
Fried chicken is gross when it's cold, so he grabs some plates and serves them.
Plates filled with chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy, and biscuits.
The truth is her plate is filled and his is masquerading as being full.
He has that look on his face that she's very familiar with.
It means a plan is starting to come off in his favor.
It's true, he really knows when something will come off well.
One of the main things they have in common is a high level of self-awareness.
So, instead of eating at the kitchen table they go over to the couch and get comfortable.
She puts on "the movie."
She couldn't believe he hadn't been exposed to The French New Wave or La Nouvelle Vague.
She couldn't believe it when he told her hadn't heard of "À bout de souffle."
For a while he just pretends to watch it, but he's really looking at her eating.
She eats like a delicate animal.
She really has a very particular way of eating.
She analyzes each bite before eating it, so she's not the type of person who would shovel in a mouthful of salad with a caterpillar riding in it, because that happens.
She chews with her mouth closed, methodically, and it seems like she takes the time to truly taste what she eats.
He doesn't want her eating style to change and in a way that's at odds with his goal, because it takes her forever to eat a real meal.
Without meaning to he finds himself drawn into the film, especially since if he doesn't read the subtitles he won't know what the hell is going on.
Jean Seberg is definitely a sex object.
This much is clear right away.
And the guy is a bad ass.
So they're watching the movie and since he can't imagine she'll eat the rest of the food on her plate he gets dessert.
During a sex scene while she eats her ice cream he finds himself massaging her leg.
Then he runs his hand over her stomach and before he knows it he's kissing her sweet mouth and grasping her breasts.
They hear French in the background.
She understands some of it and he understands none of it.
Then she gets turned on and other things happen.
And it's a successful night.
And the next morning is a successful morning and for a while both of them are happy.

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