Tuesday, November 25, 2014

14 Hours

It took me fourteen hours to figure out what happened.
When it clicked it was because I remembered how you were smiling about something morbid I said.
And I remembered what I said.
So I watched it play out in my head like a movie.
Suddenly it all made sense.
What I'm wondering is how long will you be in town for?
Because following a logical line of reasoning if you do what you came here for I won't have anything to say about it.

Oh, what did I think of you?
Yes, as you know you are quite charming in the beginning.
You get angry at people later for buying into it, because you blame them for not seeing what is underneath the winning exterior.
If I were to pick one aspect of your ensemble that gives you away it's the style of glasses.
What worries me most is that if I see you again it will probably be the last time.
But since you're reading this, and you don't like your women to know, I think you'll at least wait a while...maybe I'll forget...

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