Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Blackberry Smash!

I was wandering down the corridors of an empty hotel at night.
When I saw a little bar open with a nice menu and a light.
Their specialties were crudités and beer on tap.
I ordered the olive sampler, french bread, and a beer with a cap.

There was nothing different about that place.
Although I drew a man with an unusual face.
And I sat there trying to make up a better plan.
But all I could really think about was my old pal Stan.

We worked in the trenches at L.A. Center Studios.
I was busy reading resumés and bios.
He handled current affairs.
There was a girl in the office putting on airs.

When I looked at the clock I realized an hour had gone by.
I was looking at the other patrons like I was a spy.
But I'll never forget the mistake I made when I ordered the Blackberry Smash.
It was tingly and lovely and cost a bit of cash.

I took the bait.
I'm often lonely and kind of irate.
It's a curse to always get away.
But it's even worse when you constantly have to pay.

It was closing time so I called a Yellow Cab.
That was when my enemy came in to try a quick backstab.
She made me late to see my boy.
Now I know how he used to feel, it was a radical ploy.

If on Sunday I don't return.
It's only because I am still feeling the burn.
Your memory is short and mine should be shorter.
But instead I am the one who's hedging the reporter.

I was wondering why it hurts for you to see me tying my shoes.
Is it because they give you the blues?
If we do things in a different order will it help the talent?
Or should I just relent.

I left that bar hopefully for good.
And when I left they hurried in a mood.
Johnny Appleseed was watching from a window.
But the actor showed his face and seemed to take a bow.

Whatever happens now is not my problem.
And if you ever try to blame me remember the stem.
A stem is a piece of glass and a part of a glass.
It's sharp sometimes or just unbearable so I'll pass.

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