Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Lover From Another Dimension

If you ever find a lover from another dimension.
It could either kill you faster than you can imagine.
Or it's an invitation to see what's possible.
Perfect balance is essential however.

As we lay in bed, perfect bodies, perfect silhouettes, like Grecian youth.
I laced my fingers into his.
"You have my hair stuck in your fingers."
"That's not a hair."

But I thought it was a hair so I tugged it and it broke.
He wanted to leave.
I said, "But..."
So, he stayed a while longer.

"That's not a hair."
Probably not something I will ever understand.
But I got an idea.
It has to do with weaponry.

Weapons like that are what I'm excited by.
Was it easy for me to break because of what I thought?
Can our realities make us capable of that?
It's the balance that I love in you.

In his dimension there are signs that say "Microwave in use" on hotel doors.
This is not a reference to a normal microwave.
And the signs go up and down.
But when I finger them they are fixed in place.

In his dimension people are serving drinks in the lounge.
Or they're lying dead in bathtubs.
Waiting to be dissolved.
Or maybe they're just pleasuring themselves all the time.

It's the faces that I'll never become used to.
How they change from moment to moment.
It's the feeling your diet coke is constantly being swapped out.
It's the drugged up feeling.

But mostly it's the sex and how it gets you.
I always knew he won that way with women.
He can have any woman he wants.
That's a fact.

He gets bored easily and it's gotta be a constant challenge.
Lover from another dimension isn't easily pleased.
And he doesn't lie down when he's working.
He's always getting up.

It's nice thought though, he provides so much material.
I was wondering where he got that collection of vintage glassware?
Or the napkins with the beautiful autumn leaves.
I wanted one for myself, but somehow I knew.

If the CIA would quit pretending to know what the tiles were for.
They might actually get a clue.
But like I said that's between me and you.
The tiles weren't really related and not really a clue.

Or if your lover is never true.
I was wondering if that was the point.
That's he's never been the one for you.
Or if that's the door mat you wanted to do...

I may be by in the morning.
When you're drinking tea in your chair by the window, the one made of mahogany.
I'll be there and maybe we can talk.
Like we haven't before.

But it's changing, because we're both older.
I was wondering if you've been alive for centuries.
Sometimes it's what happens.
The baby and the ancient one together.

Lover from another dimension...
May I have a chocolate sundae with a cherry on top?
Always polite when she wants something.
And always angry and swearing when she doesn't get her way.

Oh God, I thought you were over me.
Don't you ever learn?
Oh right, that's not the right line.
But give me some credit and I'll give you whatever you want.

It's really stupid to trick the poor.
They're just about as desperate as I am.
But it's even worse to try and bribe them.
I was bribed by my lover with the promise of a future.

It wasn't what I expected and it never has been.
But all the thoughts came in quite handy.
And that was a nice gift.
From you to me and me to you.

Lover from another dimension...aren't my words like notes played in piano?
Or a tune that you heard before or maybe thought to compose.
Like I've said before, if it weren't for you, I would be complete.
But this may be a constant work in progress.

And if I lay down with you and said that I wanted to be with you forever.
Would you consider sharing dimensions with me?
We could bind the two together.
So the infinity symbol was what made it great.

Lover? Are you there?
I'm sorry if I let you down.
Please lover, please be fair.
I am your lover...batman underwear.

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