Thursday, May 30, 2013

How Could You?

I came across something today and honestly I can't say I am shocked.
More than anything I was grateful.
Thank you love!
I love you more than I know, not more than you know.
It's unfortunate that you wouldn't take offense either way.

You would be there for me no matter what, that has been proven.
I am inconsequential to everyone, but you in my eyes.
The only person I really see is you.
And I trust you explicitly.
Truly I do.

Even when the cards are down.
I know you'll come through.
You and me in gentle motion.
Feeling each other for the first time.
Before it was all foreplay, it's the real deal now.

And I will be honest with you tonight.
Because I can't stand the idea of a fight.
And I know you'll be gentle.
Please don't get sentimental.
I love only you, but I am willing to diverge if that's in the path you've mapped out.

Just remember we can only go back and forth so many times.
I am never fine without you and you're still going and coming.
You're in the running my dear in a big way.
You are going to make those fools pay.
I won't lay down again the next time you make me frown.

Back down and you may find me waiting.
Don't back down and I would rather be flying alone.
You are the one who doesn't back down, not me hun.
I am the best at backing down.
That's my new strategy anyway, you got me!~

I said, "Fuck you..." too many times.
I was out of line.
But we're not playing the same.
And I am secure and safe now for the first time in God-know's-when...
You moved fast, faster than me.

But we both remember that I own a "but"...
And you're not going to get away easy with me.
'Cause I have Stanley Preschutti the HAM man.
He's going to have some steak.
Jesus do I ever get a break?

I was wondering how you worked it all out.
Now I am suffering again for an error in judgement.
Sorry it's not about what you think.
It's rather something minor and undecided.
I can't light you up!

I don't approve of smoking.
Now I am getting the highlights.
From my source on the inside.
Covered, I am covered all the time.
Whether it's by you or him.

He's jealous now for sure.
And my heart is breaking.
God, I feel like a slut.
What? For what?
Trust me it's worth it.

Every single time I see your face when I do the wrong thing...I sing inside.
I am singing now.
To myself and about a dozen others.
Go find yourself, and then come back.
I'll be here in the tomb waiting.

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