Friday, May 24, 2013

The Writer Who Couldn't Write

You came to me last night.
I was playing a sexy role and you couldn't stand it.
You had to have me in your way.
Sometimes I think you like me more when I'm asleep.
But please remember I have depths that you'll see soon…you have no idea yet.

I am like the ultimate breathless vixen.
I am the spine of your mountain.
I am the living testament to our fragility.
You have a capability I have never seen before to handle pain.
I don't love to see you in pain, especially if I am the cause.

I would rather run out into the rain and fall into a crevasse.
Then see you hurt.
But then again you would probably follow me.
And then we would be in a ravine.
At least we would be together.

We have too many people who rely on us to fall in.
They wouldn't leave us there for long anyway.
And after they lasered us back together we would be reset.
Back to work for you and back to being what I am becoming for me.
I have never had a better time to falter.

But if you think I don't remember when we were both so far down…
When we were climbing that mountain one hand hold at a time.
Think again. Because I remember every moment fondly.
Although I appreciate how far we've come.
And me with hardly a difference.

You, you on the other hand have changed dramatically.
It shows something about you.
Something strong, beautiful, and free.
Just like Nietzsche wrote for you and me.
The greatest philosophers uncovered.

Remember when you said you were afraid for me to take the stage?
Guess what, I think you were misinformed, because I haven't even taken it yet.
When I do you'll know.
And this isn't a dress rehearsal.
This is all pre production.

I am not going to have a dress rehearsal.
I should be able to get anything by take 2.
Why am I writing about myself as though I am an actress?
Oh didn't you know?
I am. I am an actress and always will be.

You wanted me to act like a writer.
Well, no problem, she says…glancing at a grumpy man's sour face.
I have no real predisposition for grammar, tenses, nouns…what's going on?
What kind of foolish poetry is this?
It has no flow, it has no point.

I am a collaborative person and I do not perform well without support.
Who wants to act alone in front of their Mac?
Someone said wise words to me…but I forgot them.
I was once a frog, I was once a tree…
Insightful as this is I am not me.

Throughout the years I've found a tendency…
For glamour, sex, and well...the love of treasures…
Treasures that run deep…
Treasures that are often overlooked…
Are usually worth more…

Don't exploit your own treasures!
They are your only treasures.
Because we're really done here now.
You know what I mean.
I am talking to you: Dorothy, the Wizard, and Toto.

I'm killing it here!
Killing it!
Break me down and I will rebuild again.
Go on do it! Break me down.
But don't forget who you made sign up for this with me.

Am I on? Are we recording?
Speed. Camera. Action.
Please no cursory Biblical references.
Oh jesus, this is devolving!
I apologize in advance.

The last thing I warned you about was resolved on my end.
However, he's not done.
Maybe we can use this to our advantage?
I can work under the gun.
Just remember I wanna be a big star baby!

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