Friday, May 24, 2013

God Made Me A Chicken

So maybe it was tomorrow or maybe it was today.
Or maybe you're wishing you could have gotten into me when you thought you had the chance.
We can still sail around the world if you want to.
Using coins and literary gems.
Oh, but it's hard isn't it?

I was finding myself and you were looking.
What I took for distraction was actually full on frustration.
I'm sorry! But I'm even having that effect on myself.
I looked into my eyes and saw stars.
I was caught in my own net of sensuality.

Am I proclaiming it too loudly?
But it feels good.
If I wasn't confident I wouldn't be in front.
If I didn't know I was the first choice.
I would have stopped long ago.

No more risks for me.
I won't do it.
Not again.
Done, baby, I am done.
But I'll remember the bruises and the rough and tumble fun.

I played with the boys!
And damn it was fun!
Brutal but fun.
Oh yeah they went easy on me though.
You bet.

I was wandering around like a little, lost, stubborn pony.
When you corralled me in the courtyard.
I think I might have kicked you and maybe bitten your hand.
You gave me a carrot.
And can you believe it but suddenly I was in demand?!

In all honesty I kind of want to sleep around.
Kinda, wanta, kinda.
But only with the right people. Haha…
Oh c'mon baby you know I've got no equal.
I kinda wanta sleep around with you.

Oh baby, baby, don't be so blue.
You're the bluest of the blue with your big, sad brown eyes.
Those eyes get me every single time.
And your honesty is obviously enticing
If you're planning on a fight, fight someone else, because I'm sitting with the chickens from now on.

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