Thursday, May 30, 2013

What's A Thought? When you're in love.

I was wondering what you're thinking?
'Cause I honestly don't know.
Would you dare me to guess?
Perhaps there's something missing.
I am not expert, but I can guess.

How was your day?
Is there sinuosity in my vibe?
I can't spare another second.
I am going to take the last straw I have and thrown it into the water.
What's done is done and I don't want to go up against you anymore.

I'm sorry I was such a hardass.
It wasn't my fault.
My parents raised me that way.
If we're going to go back, then perhaps I can astound you some more.
You better believe I am in love.

It's not easy to love someone so much.
Especially since you'll go away as I predicted.
And yet, it's not over yet.
Are you sorry I sent you on a errand at the right moment in time?
I'm not.

I'll never say never.
But I will always be forever.
Forever is with me.
That was rough.
You made me feel what you were feeling.

And I get it, it was hard.
You are more wounded than even I.
So who better to teach me to cope?
I am in love with a man who teaches me the ropes.
In every game and every day that I live.

How can I possibly survive without such a man?
I'l never recover from his energy and vibe.
The absolute coolest man I have ever met in my life.
Is coming home to me now.
And I am going to share something difficult for me.

It's not easy, it's not easy.
But when there is something beyond the ordinary I am prepared for any response.
Anything can happen.
I am sure.

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