Sunday, May 26, 2013

The Kiss

When I think of the perfect kiss.
It's always with you.
I'm compliant, because I need your lips on mine.
I want to bend to you.
Become one with that pair of luscious lips.

Somehow I'm greedy for more.
But that's the way you planned it.
I'd sort of like to turn you down.
But when I'm the one wanting...
It's an impossibility.

I'm all turned around.
But in this current tragedy I hope it's public.
Kissing you in front of a group seems hot.
They watch and can't stop...can't peel their eyes away.
And later they fantasize about what we have.

I'm in love with a bad boy.
He's viciously mean, but never to me.
Did I say never?
It's true...anything that's happened to was my own mistake.
I can feel the burn and the bite.

I'm in lust with an animal all right.
When he's ready to take me I'll moisten my lips with my tongue.
Glossy and lips are saying "Take me..."
How sad, it's just a dream, but I have memories.
I'm still waiting for his retort.

All I'm asking for is one little kiss.
A kiss can make a day brilliant.
When you're trembling on the verge.
And I'm hoping, hoping for more.
It's not a constant, but it's always there.

And if instead you decided to kiss another.
I might watch amused, because it would never be like it is with me.
There's something tantalizing about confidence.
Don't you think?
And if I wandered away.

I have the inkling that you might get really mad.
Like when I grabbed my bag and left that night.
Or when I undercut you, because I couldn't have you myself.
The timing was all wrong.
Will it ever be right?

I do a lot of thinking and hoping and playing with maybes.
But my name keeps coming up.
That much I know and I don't know much.
If anyone has been kept in the dark...that would be me...
Does the sun come out in your world when you see me?

I'm never happy, never satisfied.
I bet you're counting on that.
So, when the chips fall in place am I your ace?
I was wondering...ha!
It's always when I'm alone that I feel so worthless.

And I'm alone a lot.
You on the other hand always seem busy.
With people, things, money, business, banking your way to the new age.
Have I aged?
I glanced at my passport and I finally agree, "Yes, I have."

I'm really not that bad.
Just lonely and sad.
But as usual I'm the one that makes it.
How simple to keep your trust.
Even when I don't mean to I feel I do.

Even when I'm lost in the park.
In my heart I am still alone with you.
But being alone with you might not be enough for me.
Like I said, I would like a display.
I was hoping for something...something any day.

You're my boss.
You're in charge.
What I find sexy has always been clear.
Most men never stand a chance with me.
Although I do adore the timbre of the male voice.

If I was ecstatic I doubt I would be writing.
Plus it's more coherent than usual.
Less symbolic and more defined.
The definition is my desire for your kiss.
Forget about love, I don't want that.

I request only one thing.
The kiss.
The kiss that'll lead me away from that mountain we've been climbing down.
I won't even call you baby.
I swear I'm done with that.

Oh, God, but that kiss.
I've got to, have to have it.
Especially now it's so built up.
I'm not sure you can make it real.
But mainly cause I barely get my way.

Anyone who thinks I'm spoiled is wrong.
I'm not living large, but not complaining either.
However still stuck at some way station...waiting...
Not sure for what.
But I know I didn't want that to happen.

Don't you see I had no choice?
I barely have my own voice.
If I'm not worthy then someone clue me in.
Only one kiss.
Can you give me this?

My lips choose you, they want you.
In more than one way.
Even when I'm begging.
Fine I didn't want you anyway.
It's all an act, that's all it's ever been.

Sometimes I think you don't remember.
You don't know your own life like I know mine.
But then again you are from a different dimension.
Mine might be alluring to you in a similar way.
The way I love to fall into yours.

I can't do it on my own.
Plus I'm tired.
The games don't entice me.
I'm too far removed.
An existence that doesn't improve.

So what if I'm like a child?
I can't help it.
That's just the way I am.
So when you're loving on me you feel a bit shady.
It's something I've only just realized.

The moment I'm done waiting for you you'll come around.
As predictable as the moon bright on a hot summer night.
I think what I'm looking for is coherence.
Or a way to trick either you or myself.
I was hoping for a climax.

Instead, I'm still lingering on how much I want that kiss.
I want it so much I can't feel anything.
I'm completely numb to my own desire.
I'm wilting in this raging fire.
Truly I might expire.

My backup is coming.
And he'll be by my side.
The sidekick with the long stride.
And we'll run and play.
Maybe you'll call me one of those days.

Pink, soft, moist, and mellow.
But really it has more to do with the setting.
I can't control energy.
And I have nothing left.
You've wrung me out.

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