Tuesday, April 29, 2014


Catz was the type of girl who was good for an adventure
And she was fun to bring along since she acted like you were the leader
It was like showing a kid something new and fun every time
I moved in with her when I was 17
We lived by the Sevan gas station

The night I forgot about, but remembered today
Was when we invited an older guy over
He was probably in his twenties and for some reason I want to call him Mike
We went out to the hot tub with a bottle of liquor
The thing about Catz was she radiated sexual energy in all directions

It didn't matter if you were a guy or a girl
Her personality was flirtatious
But she was definitely straight
If she hooked up with women it was for men
So getting drunk in our bikinis we got a little uninhibited

The stars were out above us and the water bubbled and foamed
Pretty soon we were swirling around Mike
Pressing up against him
And Catz and I knew what we were going to do
Our bathing suit tops came off

Young, 17 year old bodies, wet flesh shiny in the moonlight
It was happening fast
We were feeling him, touching him, kissing him
Catz and I almost seemed to enjoy kissing each other more, she had red, full, pouty lips
Then somehow Catz took over

He was her conquest and I backed away
But thinking about it today
I think that night was the hottest risqué situation I've ever been in
Because we were so young and it was as though we suddenly became aware of our sexual power
That night we knew and felt the wild, unstable, volatile, and drunk power of lust not love

And Mike was beside himself
He was brought to his knees by us
Days later he confessed to being horrified at what happened
He felt like he was guilty and had taken advantage of us, because we were underage
Or perhaps I remember the night wrong, maybe there was another guy there too

In any event if there was he drifted into the back of my subconscious
And all I remember was our appreciation for our youth and our definite beauty
How it felt to touch each other's wet skin and feel the world we knew collide with something new
Something prismatic and devilish, whirling around us, inside us
And when you think about this, what do you do?

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