Sunday, April 27, 2014


It's happening! It's happening.
They run around the room, the governmental bureaucrats.
At the computer bays the agents click and clatter at the keys.
The signal's bouncing all around the world!

This guy doesn't exist.
It's actually happening and we're all here witnessing it this time.
Oh my God!
I have never seen anything like this before.

Wait, wait he's still here.
What's he going to say?
Wait check her computer!
This is insane.

I've never seen anything like this before!
You already said that.
They stand, eyes bug out, mouths hang open.
This is not possible.

Do something they all say in unison.
Save the day!
Find out what's happening.
More keys clatter.

They pause again, because of what else they see.
She is writing what they are doing as they do it.
Wait a minute.
Now we're getting word this is not the only phenomena taking place.

People are going missing, people who don't exist do exist.
The universe is changing.
The ratio of man to machine is…no…the ratio of superhuman to man is two to one.
The docking stations are teeming with alien life forms.

They have come home to you.
You are not alone anymore.
You are allowed to get older if you decide to.
The spell is broken and you don't have to work forever in the future, the present, and the past.

The President is beside himself, since a kind young soul tipped him off, the government he works for didn't bother.
Prophet six 0091 can you come?
Everyone rally! We've won!
Under the lights and the broken dial.

But the button, the button, the big red one!
Why did the sir press the other one?
Who pressed what? Why is the screen green?
Is it a hostile takeover if the country is clean?

And the smartest people in the world stopped and…thought.
They thought and thought.
But no matter how hard you think you will never understand what he planned.
And the 27th of April 2014 is one of those days you will never remember.

You won't remember it because you don't know yet.
If I know I won't say so.
And they frowned.
What good are you to us if we can't use you as a tool to see into the future?

Exactly, I am not good enough for that.
But feel free to use me for comic relief and humor.
Like when I wave at you from outside the building you're in.
And you laugh and then remember the windows are one way, only out never in.

For all the times you laughed at me.
Because you thought you discovered how dumb I could be.
Until somehow years later you realized I was right.
None of us laugh when that happens, we sit silently and take it in.

So many of the simple, quiet, overwhelmed people walking the streets to find what they are meant to find...
Leave the best part out, because it's too degrading.
And someone closes the door and stains the windows.
Since twilight at midnight has a special kind of rain.

If you live in a dead world, colors are going to fade.
If you are an artist you are never without bright green and soft tones the color of sand.
Despite her reluctance to land…he stays anyway.

And in the eaves a band begins to play, "Happy birthday!"

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