Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Everything I Know About the CIA

I don't know anything about the CIA.
Except people become vaguely nervous when it's mentioned.
Or they tell me they mainly handle international affairs.
Working beneath the ODNI and the DNI.
But what really interests me is the NCTC.

And OSINT is where I get lost completely.
The NSA is passé.
I heard the DEA took over the FBI.
And the president learned not to lie.
By the way I joined the IRA.

SIS is on my list, though not as sharp as you might wish.
When my hair is blonde I'm with the KGB.
Moussad is tough, am I that rough?
Once I got caught by the IRA.
But in the end it was the NCA.

I thought I was working with the HPSCI.
So I hopped on a flight from LAX to DIA.
And later had an MRI.
Now I'm flooding my blog with words.
Overall being a bit absurd.

Chat me up I'll be drinking iced coffee.
My hair is black, my eyes are blue.
I double double double dare you.
Rather, one double macchiato with extra foam.
Or stay away, arrive before me, or will never ever know.

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