Wednesday, April 16, 2014

How the FBI Works

If you're wondering what the inside of an undercover FBI operation looks like don't look far.
Imagine people sitting at desks mindlessly following their superiors' orders.
The agents have their aliases taped above their desks, since they haven't memorized all of them.
They get confused when they have to call a certain company and don't remember who they are.

At best they stare at their computer screens while all the action's in the street below.
They operate using a bureaucratic, counterintuitive approach slower than the LAPD is in a foot chase.
I would rather hide something in a cavity than work for the FBI.
Even the CIA has become kind of outdated.

There is one agency without a name.
Since there is no name it's not mentioned on wikipedia, a very reliable source of information.
Wikipedia is definitely not monitored by the FBI.
They are too busy pretending and talking about taking over Google.

Something the entire FBI and a couple CIA agents couldn't do.
People think intelligence is so effective.
And yet a talented software engineer with a history of hacking their databases...
Could slip a word in edgewise and the document is ruined.

Mathematics aside I'm unsure about the FBI.
The FBI is unsure about me.
And together we are unsure.
And therefore I am pretty sure.

Why build an entire blog around a couple posts.
I'm vaguely established, what if I wake up and it's all gone?
Am I paranoid?
If you work for the FBI or the CIA you will either be paranoid or done.

If you think the names pasted on the internet connected to the intelligence community mean anything come again.
Except for a couple, but in life there are always at least two names, almost everyone with one is dead.
Nonsensical isn't it?
This is not how the FBI works.

They don't always use common sense.
They don't share information unless they are forced to.
Everyone is in competition because no one wants to die.
And it feels like the higher up you are the more secure you are.

Unfortunately, the higher you are the farther the drop.
If you are at the very top and someone knows.
You might accidentally get knocked off.
Since it's a pyramid of people.

I hear sirens off in the distance.
And I remember my mother's story about her father.
He worked for the OSS and his cover was journalism.
One day men in black suits came and questioned her mother.

Because she knew nothing she was safe.
So, I guess I'm lucky this is only a free association poem.
And lucky my research is limited.
Because I hear once you get in it's for life.

I feel like I already have an open invitation in several places waiting for me in case I go that way.
I won't mention them and give it all away.
So, the truth is I don't know how the FBI works.
But I do in my imagination.

If I was clandestinely working with the CIA I would occasionally be forced to work with the FBI.
They have their uses.
It's just the injections that probably get old.
And running around all the time putting out fires or lighting them.

Or learning how to walk really quietly.
I thought being in intelligence would be fun.
I don't think anyone in that field would describe being in fear of imminent death as fun.
But we all have to get our kicks somehow.

As a normal citizen I have caused myself enough fear.
It's not hard for me to act like an idiot.
This feels like I'm bombing and stalling.
What kind of poetry is this?

Deus ex machina and all that.
This is a secret message from my present self to my future self.
And no one knows what it means except for me.
Just like we all have a manuscript hidden somewhere.

What if as I was typing "they" (love this obscenely paranoid, conspiratorial word) had someone waiting outside my door in case I wrote the wrong thing.
And think of how quickly it would be over for me.
If I wrote the wrong thing and they were ready.
Signal we have a signal.

Is it possible to have someone on hand that quickly?
Are there operatives waiting all around the country ready to rush to an address and pick the lock, etc?
Now imagine you're that operative...

The FBI works by creating fake companies and paper trails.
The fake companies birth other fakes.
And soon everyone is swimming in a pool of convolution.
And in this chaos we try to find an island.

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