Monday, April 28, 2014

Oh That's Your Way of Being Friendly

As it has only taken me nearly ten years to discern
That's your way of being friendly
Since you are superior to me
And I mean that honestly
I felt like you were being condescending
But you were really, truly being polite and nice
Sorry I misunderstood you
I'm not sure what I did to garner your affection, gain your attention
As I type the screen splits in two, right down the middle
As in, I can't see very well
But I keep going
I keep going to the middle of nowhere where Nell is
Remember that movie?
Only I speak the whole time endlessly
Until you either leave with that look of yours
The one like a man who never gets a break
We do better when we're apart until we meet for sex
Living together is a disaster
You only know
Eating sushi alone isn't a sushi date.
"Excuse me, Miss Writer could you please write with segues?
You're jumping between threads
I feel like I'm in a lifeboat getting a choppy ride"
And I reply, "But this is called thought poetry
I write what I think as I think it."
"You can't just create new formats whenever you like
You have to study iambic pentameter"
"Because all great writers study history and what came before them"
"I studied that in grade school, now I'm riffing"
And if you catch me sitting in a bathtub with someone else's dusty guitar
Taking photos of myself
Who am I to say it wasn't so?
Below average intelligence or above average good looks
Which would you take?
And omit the word "average" from your vocabulary
Since I can't see and this is coming out spontaneously
I'll defer to plan b
In which I am a pawn to your many strategies
I am the Venus to your Mars
Your influence makes me more commercial actually
Your taste was always surprisingly less edgy than mine
Your Occam's razor to my Hickam's dictum
Parsimony in Paris
And amid the nonsense we are found
No, no, no, no, if you don't want to know you don't want to know
The secret is
Oh, you don't want to know?
The secret is
Really?'s snowing in Berlin
See that wasn't so bad
One of these days I will accomplish something and be your date
And once in a while I'll try a swan dive and belly flop
I wish I could see you smile
But I'm too busy at the bottom of the pool
We're having a tea party down here
"Happy birthday!"

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